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Since 1993


Over the past 2 decades, we have been made famous because of our battery replacement service. Our broad customer base is a testament to how our batteries are behind our success as jewellers. Renata brand is manufactured in Switzerland. In today's world, the batteries can be found at very low prices, but there is a difference. These batteries, made in China, are generally very low in the quality construction. The most common problem is that these batteries leak acid in the watch movements. And there lies the success of our company. When customers try our battery replacement service for the first time, they become customers for life when they see how long our Swiss-Made, Renata batteries last in their watches. We see hundreds of cases of damage due to the battery acid each year. We repair these watches damaged by acid and we can tell you without a doubt that this is a real problem. This is especially true because of the easy availability of Chinese batteries. In our business practice we will never compromise on quality and we have refused to use poor quality batteries since the establishment of our company in 1993. Our watch repair service has taught us that there must be no compromise when it comes to service we provide to our customers