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Magical Jewelry Repairs

When looking to have that special piece of jewelry repaired, one would imagine that a jeweler that is recommended by other jewelers is the choice of a smart shopper. Bijouterie Guru is one such jeweler who enjoys this kind of reputation when it comes to jewelry and watch repair.


Since 1993, this small shop in the Halles d’Anjou, has become the “jewelry repair central” in the greater Montreal area. Aside from a line of exclusively imported jewelry, they have become famous in specialized jewelry and watch repair. Among the vast array of services, there are some interesting ones that are worth mentioning. Namely, hollow gold jewelry welding; eyewear frames welding; restringing of pearls; engraving of medical alert bracelets and pendants. 

Engraving can be done on pens, inside rings, signet rings, baby bracelets, commemorative gifts and even your iPhone, and iPad.

Are you tired of endless repairs of your antique, windup clock? Not only do they repair them, but they also change the movements to one that works with a battery. Are you worried about the condition of your diamond ring prongs? Afraid of losing your diamond or gem? They do verification of your prongs “free of charge”. Prong repair and re-tipping is done, if need be. Have you lost your diamond or gemstone from your ring? They will replace, diamonds, gemstones and pearls. They even do custom-made jewelry and can produce a model from a photo or a sketch. All repairs are done in house and nothing is sent out. Redesigning an old ring and transforming it into a pendant or necklace is one of their specialties. This one stop, Mom and Pop shop with their personalized service will satisfy you and keep you returning to them for all your jewelry needs.


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Smart Shopping Montreal 2013

About us

It's a story that started with the love of jewelry and a passion for beauty, a long time ago. Established in 1993, in a small kiosk located in an aisle of Marché Halles d'Anjou, Bijouterie Guru expanded to become a boutique in 2001, where you will find a wide variety of ornaments in silver, gold or steel. 316L stainless steel, which will stimulate your sixth sense ..........

Our specialty is the repair of jewelry and watches. Whether it's your grandfather's old antique pocket watch, or a piece of jewelry that has special meaning to you, no job is too light, too heavy or difficult for us. Entrust us with your jewelry for the first time and become a customer for life, as many others have done for years, since 1993.

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All the jewelry that you will find in our shop are either made in our shop, or come from renowned craft centers and from all over the world. Our beautiful jewels are works of art; they each have their own story, and each of them reveals the soul of the craftsman who created it.

You can browse our jewelry store online, on our portal and see our amazing, exclusive and unique line of handmade jewelry.

About me

When I sit back and consider the significant events in my past, the important aspects of my life, and my future goals, the underlying theme is one of appreciation of beauty and art, feeding my passion for art in a delicate balance with service to the community.


Being blessed with innate artistic capabilities, I apply my artistic talents to everything that I do in life. My business is no exception.  Learning much from my strictly Punjabi upbringing, which for the most part came to pass in the quaint and simple community of Sainte-Foy Quebec, I began working in our large family retail empire at a very young age.


This involvement in business at a young age made me realize my potential in business and I dreamed of growing up to start my own business. New ideas emerged as I foresaw my business concept that would one day compete in the jewelry industry.


Being confident, I moved to Montreal and my dreams slowly took shape. After some humble beginnings in 1993, a snowball effect has taken place until today, after 23 years in business. Our wide range of products and services is what has set us as the standard in the jewelry industry.


Our success , we owe it to our customers, who have been loyal and who have placed their trust in us. This loyalty and trust has brought us more clients, by word of mouth, to their families and friends. Thank you for your trust and loyalty after all these years.

Design process
What makes us different from other jewellers? 
Our repair workshop is located at the front of out store to allow customers to view their repairs in progress.
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