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Image by SYNG
The 12 steps to cut a ring:

At Bijouterie Guru, we do things the old-fashioned way. We don't just stretch your ring to make it bigger. Stretching the shank of your rings could damage the ring. Also, stretching the shank will destabilize the stone's adjustments, which can end up knocking the stone off your ring. We have been doing it in a way that has been known for over 100 years. We cut the stem and put a small piece of gold (to the corresponding karat) or silver. After your ring size is enlarged or reduced, we re-adjust your diamond (s) or jewelry to ensure that your gemstone (s) will not fall out. As a bonus, we polish your ring for a finish that will give it a new shine. The pleasant reactions of our clients when they come to pick up their rings are really what gives meaning to our work. This is the Guru difference!


Ring in dire need of size reduction, with adhesive tape on the stem !!


And There you go! A superbly executed size reduction, done to perfection!



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