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Written by Pushpinder Marjara

Amber is often referred to as the "Jurassic Jewel" of the ages. Amber began as a drop of tree sap 60 million years ago. It is believed that during this time, the now freezing Baltic Sea was as warm as the southern Mediterranean compared to today. The majestic evergreens, even taller than the giant sequoias of North America, have grown in lush splendor. Apparently, when the golden sap flowed from the trees, it trapped insects of that time, and even tiny water droplets. The sap flowed around these specimens by cutting the air and kept them in a perfect state of preservation. Then, during the Ice Age, a large glacier passed through the region. The forest was leveled and transported, coming to rest in the bottom of the Baltic Sea. There, through time, pressure, and other contributing elements, that sap was transformed into amber. Magnificent "amber showcases", forever buried in their perfect cryogenic state.


The circumstances in which amber was formed occurred in other places on our planet, but the largest deposits of amber (featuring the most beautiful amber color) are said to be in the Baltic Sea. Amber and diamond are the only two gems that come from organic matter. Even though we have tried to recreate the amber, it is practically impossible to duplicate the chain of events that brought about the making of this magnificent gem.

Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella

Amber will quickly become rare and sought after after the world's reserves are exhausted. Watch how the price of amber will skyrocket. Amber, once considered the “Jewel of Kings and Queens” is now available from high-end jewelers all over the world. See the unique Handcrafted Amber Collection from Guru Jewelry. An amber with insect inclusions such as the one pictured above, are particularly rare, and can fetch up to US $ 20,000 in the gemstone market. Amber is warm to the touch and transparent pieces have a rich, warm glow. In the past, there was a belief that amber had healing qualities. It has been used to relieve arthritis pain and to relieve teething pain in babies. Although there is no scientific basis for this belief, a few still use amber for this purpose. Others regard amber as a window into our ancient past and are stunned by its mystical qualities. However, most of the people today wear amber jewelry simply because of its rich and warm beauty. See our unique handcrafted collection on amber.



Amber has an amorphous structure and can thus be pierced or drilled without disturbing its radiation. Typical stone for people with allergies, it is known to be particularly effective for eczema, asthma and rashes. It calms redness and skin irritation, especially in young children. Placed on the throat chakra, amber beats the cold, humidity and illnesses that it generates (flu, colds, sore throat). It protects the respiratory tract and softens asthma attacks. Placed on the heart chakra (applied to the lungs), it is a healing aid for respiratory tract infections. It is also very beneficial for all joint problems, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation and the knees. Tooth pain will be relieved in no time if you use a piece of amber in the mouth (in ancient times it was used especially for children with teething pain). Placed on the solar plexus chakra, it gives energy, cheerfulness and courage to overcome anxiety attacks. It was also known to help fight fatigue, reduce depressive or suicidal tendencies. Amber aligns the physical, mental and emotional body.

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